“Now Having Time…”


Hi, everyone!

I realize it’s been quite some time since anything has been posted, and please forgive me for that.

So much has been taking place in the last couple of years, it’s almost taken a toll – almost.  However, I’m truly grateful for the Almighty continuing to stand by His Word when He promised He never leaves or forsakes!

In light of what’s going on, not only around me, but also all over the world, we can now open our eyes, ears, and hearts to pay attention to what we should do.  It’s actually a blessing in disguise, having to be in our own homes, those homes we have worked so diligently to obtain, quality time around our own children, wives, husbands, and possibly other family members!


Now we can FINALLY use these moments to actually sit and have real discussions with each of them, inquiring about their every-day lives, whether school, job, anywhere they would normally spend their days!  You can ask the little ones about their teachers, and what they’ve learned so far, whether it will assist in their future endeavors.

Even if we have teen-aged or adult children, make use of this time to have childrendoingchoresthose conversations regarding things that they’ve pondered about, such as peers, what they aspire to become one day, how they feel about themselves, etc.  It’s vitally imperative that we as parents do according to what is right, getting things in order, starting with ourselves!  We remember what it was like growing up, our parents either working all the time, never having a minute to provide encouragement, or too tired to show they care!  We have time right now to learn our kids individually!

Married couples, whether you have children or not right now, the both of you as one, need to seriously take advantage of this “quarantine,” by having those deeply-embedded discussions it seemed you never had time for.  Talk about those memories that continue to infiltrate your brain, making you almost feel you don’t love your spouse anymore.  Get the kids to do chores around the house, cook with them, play games, read to or with them, pull out the old photo albums and reminisce with them about your days of growing up!

Please take advantage of this time, and don’t allow yourself to become Senior couple dancingover-anxious!  I’m sure we thought when we would see adulthood, we would then think about what WE wanted out of life!  However, our children are magnificent gems from above, and we should never kick them to the background while we get our “living for me” time on!

And unionized couples, come on and take a breath, have a seat and get comfortable after the kids are sent to bed for the night!  Turn and look at each other, remembering what allowed you to become so mesmerized with him or her for the first time!  Those eyes that spoke so brightly, conversations opening up your very heart, speaking deeply to you, and you vowing one day to become one with this person – for life!

You’ve got some time now, those of you who must stay home, but would like your kids to go back to school, or that spouse who keeps getting in the way, to go anywhere outside the neighborhood!  The Word tells us:


We have been given an opportunity to place our relationships, house, ourselves, in order!  We don’t have to complain, just embrace the Time!

Be good to one another!  Blessings, Love, and Peace!